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The Mightiest Military Machine Failure in Afghanistan

President of United States in his recent statement accuses Pakistan for harboring terrorists. The statement itself a contradictory and it proves that, he is suffering from mental disorder. Mr. Trump says, the failure of mightiest military machine in the history of mankind in Afghanistan because of those few numbers of insurgence allegedly Pakistan suppose to be protecting and harboring in Afghanistan.
Now, I hereby request to the people of America, please keep your retarded President in a safe place. It is far in America’s interest to not mess with Pakistan following IRAQ, Syria or Afghanistan.

Listen to Imran Khan as he is speaking on behalf of the People of Pakistan 

Pakistan shows no concern over billions dollars sophisticated weapons deal between United States and INDIA but if president Donald Trump going in, to create mess with Pakistan just to please India will be disastrous. Staying out of it would be right decision because the people of Pakistan are known as much intensive in love toward their enemy.

Thank You.

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