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The Blame Game of Globally Committed Crimes

The blame game of globally committed crimes begins mainly after Nine11 of America and particularly after 26Eleven of INDIA. The motive behind these attacks was to achieve specific objective igniting
propaganda through government controlled electronic and print media flashing secret agencies sponsored contents against a state that has obtained Nuclear Assets.

The both incidents now a proven and undeniable fact that it was a pre-planned self-orchestrated INSIDE JOB.  It was a secret plan to bring down twin towers in terms to justify Afghanistan invasion, using Afghan territory as Pass-through penetrating into its neighbor creating unrest on a sectarian and ethnics ground by dividing small group of people, propagandizing minorities rights violation through globally sponsored NGO’s as well as INDIA sponsored proxies showing the world that it is not a safe country obtained Nuclear Assets and should be given into America’s hand for its protection.

Sine US, ISRAEL has no or fewer natural resources especially when it comes to oil reservoirs, so their survival left depends only to increase export of its sophisticated weapons in a vast quantity. To achieve this hot business and to claim superiority globally, first they create opportunities in the countries of their choices and enforced them through imposed PROXY WAR willingly buy sophisticated weapons in exchange of Billions of dollars boosts economy.  The growing economy and Nuclear Assets turned Pakistan into emerging countries of the world and made its defense beyond any severe threat of enemy.

The rising Pakistan became a permanent disease and a direct threat to INDIA’s existence as per their claim. INDIA has realized that they cannot take over Pakistan by Force through direct military invasion as they have been badly defeated in 1965 WAR.

The idea behind 26Eleven seem adopted inspiration of US Nine11 again a pre-planned and self-orchestrated job carried out by INDIAN secret agency (Research and Analysis Wing) just to blame Pakistan for the attack in terms to bring down rising Pakistan, destroy its economy seeking global isolation of Pakistan by imposed sanctions and to create unrest operating through INDIA sponsored TERROR PROXY and SLEEPING CELLS of Politically motivated criminal wings. This was also the part of plan to distract and divert attention from INDIAN ARMY brutality and barbaric act against innocent Kashmiris in INDIA OCCUPIED KASHMIR.

After Nine11 especially and 26Eleven particularly US, INDIA has achieved the motive of accusing Pakistan for exporting terrorism and providing safe havens. As an argument let’s accept it for a while but if it’s true. Are you saying to me that Pakistan sponsored terrorists have been operating in different areas of Pakistan carrying deadliest attacks on its soil and killing its own people?

What Rubbish!!!

1.                   This statement is not just factually incorrect even completely baseless and out of context. Why? Most of the deadliest terrorist attacks have been carried out in Pakistan in different part of the country following, Mosques, Schools, Buses, Public Places, Markets, Road side planted bombs which have taken thousands precious lives of innocent people of Pakistan and those who left injured either partially or completely paralyzed. 

2.                   Armed Forces of Pakistan fighting an internationally imposed, longest battle of War on terror alone on the behalf of entire world making them secure while sacrificing hundreds of its Soldiers every day. Yet we (Pakistan) are being labeled as terrorists sponsoring state. Despite the blame game, yet the people and Armed Forces of Pakistan stand determined fighting against these globally sponsored terrorists till the last drop of blood and to eradicate terrorism from its soil once for all in order to make this world secure and peaceful.

3.                   The fact is Pakistan has lost more than 70thousand innocent people and hundreds of its Soldiers including expenditures of billions of dollars results poverty and shaking economy while fighting War-on-Terror on its own within limited available resources.

4.                   The one of the international Secret agencies involvement in destabilizing Pakistan exposed when Raymond Davis was trapped in an intelligence based operation. After his confessional statement, Pakistan had to order evacuation of its territory by ending secret operations were carrying out through legally hired, paid killers of Black Water.

4.                   INDIAN RAW involvement has now been exposed since Pakistan Intelligence Agency has taken serving Colonel of INDIAN NAVY in custody from Baluchistan and in his confessional statements in two different videos has accepted that he was working inside Pakistan keeping fake identity, adopts different Muslim Names etc. He has also admitted that he was sent to accomplish special task on a direction of RAW. He has been trained in carrying out secret operations of Indian secret agency RAW including deadliest attacks, killings of security personals, creating unrest by dividing people on sectarian grounds particularly in Baluchistan and other part of the country.

INDIA has also carried out several pre-planned false flag operations on their own soil killing their own citizens just to blame Pakistan in order to gain sympathy of international community and to isolate Pakistan. However, Pakistan secret agency “recognized number 1” globally, has been exposing INDIA’s false flag operation even before its happening.

Mr. Narendra Modi’s legacy “as he is Prime Minister of INDIA” who is famously known as “Butcher” and the master mind of Gujarat Riots. The incident resulted Slaughtering, Lynching and Killing more than 2thousand Muslims. The Hindu extremist regime under Modi’s leadership adopted the same legacy of their master and formed a force named “Cow Vigilant” carrying attacks on Muslim Minority have left all precedent of inhumanity, brutality and barbaric act behind.

People in (INDIA OCCUPIED KASHMIR) being pelletized and beaten to death every day.  INDIA has deployed force of almost 1 million soldiers illegally which has been admitted by UN as subjected to “Violation of Internal Law”. The support of ISRAEL and USA keep INDIA’s arrogance higher, violating human rights beyond the fear of future consequences. Surprisingly, the United Nation happily following “Look Busy Do Nothing” policy yet stressing on legalizing invasion of NATO forces in Oil and other natural resources rich Muslim populated countries.

ISRAEL, the illegal occupier of Palestine since decades and their claim to be a greater ISRAEL is seem in development as bad news are coming from AL-AQSA “BITUL MAQDAS” holy place of Muslims. The congregations of offering prayer (Muslims) denied exercising their basic right to practice religious activities inside the Mosque on their own territory and those who forcibly enter into the mosque being shot down.

You are witness of inhumanity against Muslims everywhere and especially those who have been going through the worst nightmare and have been victim of terrorism particularly in IRAQ, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and especially in INDIA OCCUPIED Kashmir through direct illegal invasion and occupation results radicalization, abuse and killing of innocent people on their own territory.

The countries those blame Muslims for terrorism are safe, but the countries those are blamed still suffering terrorism and victim of INDIA, ISRAEL linked sponsored proxy war still continues in a spirit to destabilize especially those oil and natural resources rich countries.

The question who is the real "TERRORIST" yet to be asked or have got an answer?

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