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Microsoft Announces Skype Professional Accounts for Small Businesses

Microsoft is improving Skype, and previewing a new desktop experience to small business users who provide their services through online communications software.

Many entrepreneurs and owners of small online businesses use Skype to share their expertise, deliver instruction over the internet. With built-in video, voice and chat features, Microsoft is introducing Skype as an alternative to real world meetings that are costly in time and travel expenses.

Microsoft is formalizing these businesses-client relationships while helping users better track and monetize their interactions over the communications platform with a new desktop client called Skype Professional Account.

Microsoft aims to condense the jumble of software tools and services currently used to manage Skype sessions, including email clients, calendars and payment processors. From French tutors to yoga instructors, you'll be able to book lessons, accept payments, and give lessons all from one place, seamlessly.

Microsoft added an enhanced profile page to help improve user online presence and a dedicated website for small business right in Skype.

Skype Users can import their existing contacts to their Professional Accounts. Prospective clients will be able to use Skype's search functionality to search for businesses that fit their needs. Skype Professional Account is available now as a part of a limited preview program and is free, at least until the product is made generally available.

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